In Honduras and Nicaragua, Hurricane Eta was downgraded 2 this Tuesday

This is how Nicaragua looks at 8:30 at night after the passage of Hurricane Eta.
photo VD: Courtesy Ingrid Renteria.
By Anayansi Rivas

Nicaragua is being hit hard by Hurricane Eta, since it made landfall this afternoon at 3:00 p.m. one of the most affected areas has been the North Caribbean Coast. The municipalities of Masaya have been less hit.

For the moment, rains and winds continue in most of the Nicaraguan territory.

In Honduras, another Central American country very hit by the hurricane that is in category 2, has generated a lot of rains, winds, material damage, floods and overflows.

Eta advances leaving in its wake at least three dead, two in Nicaragua and one in Honduras.

The Savior, is being affected by heavy rains and moderate winds, since it is a territory vulnerable to all kinds of natural disasters.