In Spain they find the body of a woman in the trunk of her car

By Dennis Aguillón

A woman of approximately 33 year old, of South American origin and with Spanish nationality, was found dead in the trunk of her car, in Valencia, Spain.

From the past 24 of August, the woman was missing, and it was a friend who reported the situation.

The grim discovery was made on Sunday morning by some friends of the victim, they knew it was a worrisome case, so several of them saw his car parked on the street and suspected that it could be a bad sign.

The body showed signs of violence, it was covered with dirt and was in a state of decomposition. After detecting traces of blood under the vehicle, and a bad smell they chose to call the police and have them open the car. It was until then that they discovered the body.

The National Police has focused the first investigations in the closest environment of women. Investigators are looking for the victim's boyfriend as the main suspect in the crime.

If it is confirmed that it was a sexist crime, would 31 women murdered by their partners or ex-partners so far this year in Spain, Y 1,064 since statistics began to be recorded in 2003.