Elections for mayors and deputies are approaching in El Salvador

Deputies in plenary session in the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador. Photo: Courtesy.
By José Eduardo Cubías Colorado

This is the hour that the Salvadoran citizen has not defined a party color, they find themselves in the crossfire between the rival sides, not knowing which line to follow.

In this electoral campaign, opponents begin to see themselves as adversaries and not as candidates, the fire rages with messages, images full of fallacies that are intended to be a resource and a proselytizing instrument to win votes in the next elections for mayors and deputies.

In this coming and going of political campaigns, the citizen is bombarded with rigged speeches, legislative subterfuges and accusations before the Attorney General of the Republic.

Likewise, street protests with party slogans cannot be absent, make-up opinion polls, biased news, failed hopes, and many more tricks propagated with great fanfare to harm some and praise others, as allowed by electoral proselytizing propaganda, who did not wait for the starting flag.