In El Salvador, Sentencing Judge acquits Cojutepeque Evelyn Hernandez

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Evelyn Hernández regained her freedom, This was stated Judge of the Trial Court of Cojutepeque, José Jurado Virgilio Martínez, at the public hearing held on Monday in the Integrated Justice Center Ciudad Delgado. The judge explained that there is no evidence that any crime committed Evelyn. The Prosecutor's Office failed to demonstrate Hernández's participation in the event; it was an out-of-hospital delivery.

Evelyn was initially accused of provoking her abortion, later she was convicted of aggravated homicide 30 years in prison by Judge Nury Velásquez in July 2017. His defense presented appeals and cassation and it was the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice that, in december 2018 annulled the conviction based on “lack of argumentation and violation of the rules of sound criticism”, resolving that a new trial would be held, that finally took place today in Ciudad Delgado.

El Salvador is one of the few countries that has absolutely criminalized abortion, despite calls from international human rights organizations, the law has not been reformed. Nowadays, there is 16 women deprived of liberty who have experienced obstetric emergencies or out-of-hospital deliveries, who have been convicted of aggravated murder and are serving sentences of up to 30 Y 35 years in prison.

The Integrated Court of Ciudad Delgado wore from early hours the purple and green characteristic of the feminist movement, Between choruses and applause they received Evelyn who appeared to the audience accompanied by her family. Evelyn is not alone, we are the defenders! Freedom for Evelyn! were some of the slogans that were chanted.

While, Inside the court, the legal team that assumed the defense of Evelyn faced the accusations of the Prosecutor's Office. But this time, contrary to what happened in 2017, Evelyn was declared innocent of all charges and regained her final freedom.