3 December, 2022

On Independence Day social organizations in LA demand an El Salvador without a dictator

201 years of independence the salvadoran diaspora in los angeles, California demands peace, freedom and democracy for El Salvador.
Photo: Miracle Orellana/VD.

By Milagro Orellana

The Angels, California-Social organizations based in Los Angeles, California demanded a country at peace, in freedom and without dictators in the framework of the celebrations of the 201 years of Independence of El Salvador that commemorates each 15 September along with the rest of the Central American countries.

The community expressed its rejection of the dictatorship. videos: CEO.

The representatives demonstrated in front of the El Salvador Consulate in Los Angeles to send a message “clear and forceful” to President Nayib Bukele to express to the president that the community “will not allow more dictators” in the Central American country.

They demand transparency and respect for democracy from the government.
Photo: Miracle Orellana/VD.

They also announced that they join the voices of rejection along with thousands of Salvadorans who protested in the streets of the Salvadoran capital., San Salvador to demand the end of the president's government, whose presidential term must end in 2024.

The representatives united their voices and denounced the serious violations of human rights that have been violated during the emergency regime. Photo: Miracle Orellana/VD.