Online classes in doubt after COVID-19 outbreak

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By Maria T. Morales

Many parents are wondering if this type of teaching will return since this week they have seen the threat of the Delta variant that attacks, mainly, to children under 12 years who are not yet eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine.

When the school year is just beginning, the increase in cases of infected children at the state level, led to Clear Creek Independent School District, belonging to Galveston County in Texas, to make the decision to teach classes online.

Measure, that will start from September, it will be especially for children in pre-kindergarten through sixth grade, according to school authorities.

Although there are also parents who do not want to go back to online education, This announcement comes as an incentive for those who fear that their children will be infected in the classrooms, due to the rebound in infections in Texas and in several states of the American Union.

In the city of Chicago, state of illinois, parents protested to demand that online classes return.

According to official sources, for at the least 180 a thousand children have been infected so far in the pandemic.

Until the 21 of August, the Centers for Disease Control reported about 11, 2 million American children under 18 years who, at least, had received a dose of the anticovid vaccine. Of this figure, some 8,3 million are fully vaccinated.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP, for its acronym in English), vaccination for underage children is urgent, so it is expected at the end of September to approve the emergency use.