In Argentina, a child died of coronavirus: they took him to a healer instead of a hospital

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Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

In the Argentine province of Formosa, a child 9 years he lost his life after catching coronavirus, but his health deteriorated because his mother first took him to a healer and not to a doctor to treat him with medicines suitable to stop the disease.

Authorities revealed that the boy needed oxygen when he entered the hospital, but despite the treatment, had a respiratory arrest and lost his life.

It was found that the child had three or four previous days with symptoms of Covid-19, but the health personnel consulted the mother and she assured that she took him to a healer and he recommended that she not attend a health center. The authorities recalled that it is not about stigmatizing, it's a cultural issue, but nevertheless, you should go to health centers early.

The minor had no risk factors, admitted to the hospital with severe pneumonia, required immediate oxygen, but the treatment was insufficient at the time of the illness, although an attempt was made to revive him, it was not possible to get him out of cardiorespiratory arrest.

The child was diagnosed with coronavirus through a rapid test and the doctors do not rule out that some bacteria could aggravate his situation, because it is not common for such a young person to lose their life due to the disease.

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