30 November, 2022

In Argentina COVID-19 cases continue to increase, although with slight or imperceptible symptoms

For Recinos Kriscia

Argentina is about to serve three months in mandatory social isolation due to the Coronavirus pandemic and at this point the cases are increasing more and more, especially in the city of Buenos Aires and its surroundings.

Every day the official statistics add up to more than 500 cases from the city, of the total that already on average exceeds one thousand 200 every 24 hours.

The virus is spreading, while the authorities ensure that they are certain where the sources of infection are and where sanitation and isolation measures should be reinforced.

More tests are done and there are more and more positive results.

Something that is happening is that most of those infected do not present symptoms or these are manifested in a mild way, what makes them more likely to infect their environment.

The total number of cases in the country is 32 thousand 785, of which have died 862 and have recovered 9 thousand 878.

For the next few hours, the authorities are expected to dictate new measures, either to make the isolation more flexible in some regions, as to harden it in Buenos Aires.

A week ago the city government decided to allow underage jogging and recreational walks, However, many areas were crowded, which led to the establishment of time restrictions again and to enable more spaces to walk..

Throughout the country there are police controls to restrict traffic between provinces and only those who have special permits issued according to the activity they carry out can use public transport., that must be of first necessity or related to health.

Fines are imposed on those who violate the quarantine for the first time and are forced to return to their homes, while for those who violate the law for the second time there may be legal proceedings that could even lead to arrest.