In 2022, El Salvador assumes the Pro Tempore Presidency of the Regional Conference on Migration

The Deputy Minister of Diaspora and Human Mobility, Cindy Mariella Portal, received the Presidency Pro Tempore (PPT) of the Regional Conference on Migration (CRM) (Photos Courtesy Chancellery)

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Representing the Government of El Salvador, the Deputy Minister of Diaspora and Human Mobility, Cindy Portal, received the Pro Tempore Presidency of the Regional Conference on Migration, an instance that represents the broadest forum for consultation and advocacy on the migration issues and dynamics of the 11 nations that make it up.

The activity was carried out within the framework of the XXVI Vice Ministerial Meeting of which takes place in Mexico, country that held the position this year.

During the handover ceremony, Vice Minister Portal pointed out that, by exercising this responsibility, El Salvador reaffirms its commitment to continue working on the construction of a vision of change to comprehensively address the dimensions of human mobility, its various forms and causes.

“From our Presidency we want to create intersectoral spaces to identify, innovate, promote and articulate good regional practices to address the different phases of the migration cycle, according to the realities of our countries ", said the Vice Minister Portal

According to the official, work for him 2022 is on track to build, together, a new Strategic Plan, with projection towards 2025. The design of the same will aim to respond to the needs in terms of human mobility, with an emphasis on people. Likewise, Continuity will be given to the initiatives that are already underway, but new and innovative proposals will also be promoted in which there is participation from various sectors.

Finally, called on the MCA block to renew its commitment to guarantee the human rights of populations in human mobility processes, regardless of your nationality or immigration status; as well as to join efforts that allow a safe migration, neat and regular.

The Regional Conference on Migration (CRM) was established in 1996, and is currently made up of Belize, Glen, Costa Rica, The Savior, U.S, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama and Dominican Republic.