Camilo Sesto emotional farewell

Photo VD / Courtesy: @CamiloSesto.
By Dennis Aguillón

The 8 September 2019 It will be an unforgettable and sad day for the music world.

Through its official Twitter account of the death of Camilo Sesto is communicated to the 72 years.

The causes of death were cardiorespiratory failure and renal failure.

He was admitted to the Hospital Universitario de Madrid.

In 2018 Camilo had already been entered by aquejar lumbar pain and after performing the relevant evidence was diagnosed with renal colic ureteral.

Since the death of the Spanish singer was published in the Hispanic music 70 Y 80, different singers and politicians of the world have given their condolences on social networks.

indisputably, He has been an artist reference of Spanish music, with more than half-century career as a performer and author.

Songs like “Melina”, “Living well is to die of love”, “the love of my life” Y “Forgive me "are part of the legacy left by the singer.

His remains will be veiled in the chapel burning of Madrid for friends, family, and followers to give the last goodbye.