French ambassador returns to his post in Rome

By Engelbert Pérez Maldonado

The diplomatic crisis between Italy and France seems to return to normal. At least publicly, with the announcement by French Foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, today confirmed the re-entry of the French ambassador to Rome.

Chritian Masset, French Ambassador, It was called for consultation by the government of Macron, after the discontent generated at the meeting of vice Italian Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio with leader “yellow vests”, Cristoph Chalençon and support the Italian gave this group.

In a telephone call between the presidents of Italy, Sergio Mattarella and France, Emmanuel Macron, the leaders reiterated the importance of maintaining strong relations between the two nations.

Telephone contact took place on Thursday. The same day, at night, Italian television program broadcast an interview with Chalençon, in which this said his movement has the support of paramilitary willing to bring down the French government if necessary.

At the interview, the leader of the “yellow vests” also he said he will meet with Di Maio, in Italy, to continue the approach, in the coming days.

Statements alarmed the public opinion of both countries and the reactions caused the Five Star Movement leader and Deputy Prime Minister, take a step back and press statements, Di Maio, He said Friday that it can continue to strengthen friendship with groups that threaten democracy or have armed wings.

Meanwhile, the French minister said the return of Ambassador Masset would be effective on Friday afternoon, to continue his liaison work between the two nations.

However, with the Return of the French ambassador to Rome, the differences are not allayed, since the immigration problem continues. yesterday French police used violence to make the bathroom of a train several African migrants trying to cross the border between the two countries.

Migrants were taken off the train and returned to Italian territory as the country where they were landed by vessels of relief NGOs in the Mediterranean Sea.