11 August, 2022

The Super Bowl and its message pro latino

Photo Kevin Mazur,WIREImages

By Carmen Rodriguez, Washington DC

Amid the anti-immigrant agenda that has been the flag campaign and Government, del presidente Donald Trump, Let the Super Bowl on Sunday a particular message.

Football, It is the most popular sport in the United States. Much of the country was paralyzed to see from their homes, bars and public spaces the final game between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chief.

The expectation was not focused on the winner of the Super Bowl. The expectation as every year, It was the main halftime show, that part where many artists devoted the best of their careers.

For the first time, Halftime Show the Latino had two main figures, who presented the cultural diversity of the country in a bilingual show, Latin rhythms, who left a message including.

The presidential elections are held this year and the Latino vote could be decisive in determining results.

El Halftime Show, It was a sign of the extent to which Latinos have achieved in the country and cultural diversity; but more importantly, It was a sample of Latino pride amid Trump sends the message on Latino undocumented and irregular migration.

And of course, the show was a great marketing strategy NFL, to attract attention, not only generations of Latino descent born in the United States, but also those of Latino immigrants.

More than two million people watched the show in the United States and thousands more followed from other parts of the world.

JLO and Shakira, They made thousands of Latinos who contributed and contribute daily to this nation, They feel proud of their roots and how to take the party to leave the Latin brand.