El Salvador and Honduras, soon they receive asylum seekers that the United States does not want

photo courtesy: Irenaeus Mujica.
By Carmen Rodriguez

United States will send to the countries of the Northern Triangle to asylum seekers who do not want in their territory. The Secretary for the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services, Ken Cuccinelli, said asylum seekers detained at the border south of the country, They will be sent to Central America.

"Asylum seekers can expect to be sent home, to be transferred to another country. We have agreements in force with Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Guatemala agreement is working; in Honduras it is about to be implemented and El Salvador is also on track ", said Cuccinelli, last Friday at a press conference in Washington.

Last October, when El Salvador and the United States signed a "cooperative agreement for asylum", Salvadoran Foreign Minister repeatedly denied that his country would become "safe third country. But nevertheless, besides Cuccinelli, Hugo Rodriguez, US Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, He said discussions with the Salvadoran Government on "returning migrants" and are being developed.

"We have ongoing discussions with the government of El Salvador and Honduras about the kinds of steps we can take together to reduce migration and return potential migrants. We have no definite dates. We are working closely with Honduras, It will probably be the next country, where we can implement that agreement, hopefully, Early next year ", Rodriguez said, reporters in Washington.

Cuccinelli referred to the issue and said the Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS for its acronym in English), Chad Wolf, It will meet in Guatemala, in the coming days, with the country's president and other authorities to discuss the functioning of the Cooperation Agreement Havens (HERE), also signed by Honduras and El Salvador, in which these countries commit to receive asylum seekers.

Following this agreement ACA, the countries of the Northern Triangle, that is to say, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, will be "receiving" countries of migrants. United States coordinate shipments, deportations and the number of people who will be relocated or refugees in these countries.

Recipient countries receive direct funding from the United States, which they will be used for the operation of the ACA and activities to process claims or requests for asylum; as well as, relocation and adaptation of these people in the places they are sent.

According to some experts Migration, in United States, the US government will control register, the selection, inspection, determination of the receptor site and coordinating transportation for the deportation of those who are sent from US territory to the Northern Triangle.

further, Experts also point out that because there is no specification in the agreement signed between the US and the three Central American countries, it could be interpreted that not only will be relocated citizens of the Northern Triangle, but also from other countries.

Last week, the Migration of Guatemala, confirmed that two Honduran and Salvadorian, They were deported to that country, They became the first asylum seekers who are transferred to a "safe third country" under the ACA program.

Results immigration policy

According to the Secretary Cuccinelli, the actions taken by the Administration Trump, rated by many as "anti-immigrant", They are yielding positive results and this is reflected in official data, that said November 2019 is the month with less flow of illegal migration on the southern border of the country.

One of the most noteworthy actions that the US government is building 88 miles of border fence south of the country, As detailed amount Secretary USCIS, will increase next year, as one of President Trump plans it is to continue building the wall he promised during his presidential campaign.