El Salvador is imposed on Virgin Islands beach soccer

By Yaneth Estrada

The El Salvador national beach soccer team arroyo 10-1 representatives of Virgin Islands, in the first game of the World Games for Qatar 2019, and tomorrow will play their World Cup ticket to Panama.

Herber Ramos opened the way for national, marking the 1-0 At the minute 8 the first period. Exon Perdomo then woke shouts and applause in the stands of the International Center for Fairs and Conventions CIFCO with Chilean goal 10′. The signing took fourth Ruben “The Canon” Batres, night star, with the right shot, after the experience of Tin Ruiz put the 5 and the 6 It was the work of Frank Velasquez.

From there, there was repetition, with double included for Batres, plus one and one of Ruiz and Ramos. While the discount for Caribbean, Emilio put Aranes 32′ folding.

With this result, El Salvador must be measured against Panama in the semifinals, after canaleros beat in criminal Bahamas 7-7 (4-2). Likewise, Mexico must do their thing against the United States.