El Salvador has new restrictions to avoid the increase of Covid-19 infections

Government will prohibit crowds of people in public and private places in the next 90 days.

Photo: Courtesy Secretary of Communications.

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Given the increase in cases of Covid-19 infections in recent weeks, The government of El Salvador requested the Legislative Assembly and it was approved with 78 votes, to resume the temporary restriction measures to organize and participate in all kinds of public and private events with a high concentration of people.

The special transitory provision that will be in force for 90 days nationwide from its publication in the Official Gazette, Concentration activities that are not prohibited by the decree, the use of a mask will be mandatory.

Photo: Courtesy Secretary of Communications.

Meanwhile, the President of the Republic Nayib Bukele, warned through their social media accounts, to the mayors who hold festivities, carnivals, rallies or mass events, in the next three months, will be sanctioned with 100 minimum wages and criminally prosecuted for the crime of disobedience of individuals.

According to official reports, Since the end of May of this year, cases of contagion of coronavirus have been increasing with an average of 200 people per day and those who died from Covid-19 have come from 3 a 6 daily deaths.

Since the first case of Covid-19 contagion was officially identified in March 2020 to date they have registered 81,644 confirmed,  nail 2,457 Dead people, according to official records. https://covid19.gob.sv

Despite the advanced immunization process against Covid-19 that exceeds three million people vaccinated, the authorities point out the relaxation of protection measures that the population has neglected.

Photo: Courtesy Ministry of Health.