El Salvador receives Presidency Pro Tempore of SICA

Photo: @sg_sica
By Yaneh Road

Chancellor of El Salvador, Alexandra Hill Tinoco Wednesday received the Pro Tempore Presidency of the Central American Integration System (SICA) during the 52 Meeting of Heads of State, It held in Guatemala.

The representative of diplomacy reiterated the greater willingness of El Salvador to continue promoting the regional integration agenda as part of SICA. further, in the absence of President Najib Bukele he stressed his "deep commitment integrationist".

After absence, Guatemalan media confirmed the arrival of Bukele Guatemalan territory on Tuesday afternoon, but, He canceled at the last minute participation to a presidential forum with businessmen.

According to information from press equipment in El Salvador, Bukele Tuesday attended an official dinner organized by the Guatemalan president, Jimmy Morales, but he did not appear in the official event of Heads of State.

During his visit to the Salvadoran parliament Monday, to ask permission to leave the country for official visits, It included receiving the Pro Tempore Presidency of SICA in Guatemala.

But nevertheless, Vinicio Cerezo, highest representative of SICA congratulated President Bukele, for its recent takeover. “It was a pleasure to be sharing with him, Saturday, in such an emotional time, I wish you success in your work, which houses many yearnings of a people and the winds of change and substantive ", He said.

Also they attended the Belizean Prime Minister, Dean Barrow, and the presidents of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega; Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández, and Costa Rica, Carlos Alvarado, who delegated their representation in foreign ministers and ministers.