El Salvador could extradite gang members to the US.

Photo: PNC El Salvador.
By Maria T. Morales

The FBI offers $20 thousand in reward for information leading to three of the 14 accused, who are fugitives from justice.

Charged with conspiracy to commit acts of terrorism and narco-terrorism, among other crimes, on a global scale, the United States Department of Justice indicted 14 leaders of the Salvatrucha gang "MS-13" and those who could become the first criminals extradited from El Salvador.

The indictment filed in New York City establishes that the defendants would be responsible for directing, for about a few 20 years, gang members both in the American nation and in Mexico and Central America to commit crimes.

According to the report, one of the defendants identified as Borromeo Enrique Henríquez, Alias ​​"the little devil of Hollywood" along with 10 most accused gang members in the American nation, They are detained in El Salvador.

While, three more gang members identified as Henry Iván Jandres Parada, aka "Lucky de Park View", Cesar Humberto lopez Larios, aka “El Grenas de Stones, and "Stoner Bear", and Hugo Armando Quinteros alias “Flaco de Francis, still free.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI for its acronym in English) urged the population to collaborate with information to find the whereabouts of the accused, whom he described as "armed and dangerous".

The MS-13 gang is considered a terrorist criminal organization that, according to the FBI “is responsible for deaths and violence that has terrorized communities, leaving the neighborhoods of Long Island and the entire Eastern District of New York awash in blood. "

At present, The Department of Justice in conjunction with Salvadoran authorities coordinates legal processes to extradite the defendants and that they face justice in the United States.

The alleged criminals, to be responsible, could face life in prison, as requested by the authorities in the American nation.