10 August, 2022

El Salvador calls for halt to violence femicide

By Yaneth Estrada

In the midst of injustice, unfairness and women in prisons for extra hospital abortions, El Salvador commemorates International Women's Day.

El Salvador is the most dangerous country in Latin America, for the women, with a rate of 6.8% femicide making it the first country in the region with more femicide in 2019, why are women's associations, professionals, Women with HIV, mothers of the disappeared, homeworkers, youth organizations and human PRODERECHOS the main streets of San Salvador were taken to sue the state meet different social demands.

In 2020, with the arrival of the new government, El Salvador also suffered significant cuts in care program for women victims of violence, city ​​woman, and tertiary care health, also one of the five countries that still has severe penalties for obstetric emergencies or cases of spontaneous abortion.

“It is 8 of March, we express our repudiation outrage at the continuing violence into our bodies every day manifested sexual violence, against girls and adolescents, Against the decriminalization of abortion absolute, the criminalization of obstetric emergencies, imposed on pregnancies in girls and adolescents, lack of comprehensive education, street sexual harassment, labor and the educational system. As well as discrimination against women, dissidents bodies and various women, sexual assault and breach women live daily with disabilities, psychosocial and intellectual, because they have no access to the justice system for not being recognized in their legal capacity”, Leyla expressed Cáceres Collective of young women.

While the Salvadoran Women's Movement (MSM) denounced regrettable setback in specialized care for women in situations of violence and discrimination, from the 1 January to 1 March this year, Are accounted for 18 violent deaths of women.

The Savior, first country in figures of femicide in Latin America.
Layla Cáceres Collective Feminist Women of El Salvador.