El Salvador participates in the Online Youth and Cadet Rapid Chess World Championship

photo VD: Yaneth Estrada.

By Yaneth Estrada

El Salvador will be in the World Junior Rapid Chess and Cadets Online Championship, organized by the International Chess Federation (FIDE) started the 27 November and will end on 13 from December, the finals will be played from 19 al 23 from December, will be divided by five groups of different ages (U10, U12, U14, U16 and U18), competing in two sections: open and feminine.

The cuscatlecas cards will be Santiago Guevara and Gabriela Melara on the U-10, Carlos Ibarra and Sofía Hernández on the U-12, Alex Ibarra and Marielos Vásquez on the U-14, Armando Pérez and Dalila Barahona on the U-16 and Walter Coto and Angie García on the U-18.

photo VD: Yaneth Estrada.

Age Escobar, member of the group of national coaches, he explained “the event suits us, because we are going to observe the progress of our athletes in the technical part. In addition to the opportunity that they will have to learn internationally with the best in the category”, he said.

And I add, “We should also mention that we had more young people with a lot of talent, who could well represent us in this event, but the FIDE System only allowed one per branch and category”.