El Salvador did not support Convention 190 the ILO

Photo: @OIT_ES
By Yaneth Estrada

Despite having an international alert increased femicide, El Salvador abstained from voting in favor of the Convention 190 to regulate gender violence and harassment at the ILO Summit, in Geneva.

El Salvador had the highest rate of femicide in Latin America in the 2017, according to the Observatory for Gender Equality in Latin America and the Caribbean (OIG) the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (CEPAL). Detailed records that El Salvador recorded 10 homicides of women per 100,000 population.

But nevertheless, with 439 votes in favor, seven against and 30 abstentions ILO adopted the Convention 190, Violence and harassment at work, and an additional recommendation. As for the recommendation which is not legally binding-, It provides guidelines on how to implement the Convention.

Violence and harassment is defined as behavior, actions or threats "aimed, that cause or are likely to cause, physical harm, psychological, sexual or economic ". The approved agreement recognizes that "may constitute a breach or a breach of human rights and jeopardize equal opportunities", what, at the same time, They are "unacceptable to achieving decent work, and is incompatible with ".

The ILO states that the purpose of such legislation is to protect workers and employees, regardless of their contractual situation, including persons engaged in training activities, internships and vocational training, workers whose contracts have been terminated, persons performing volunteer work or seek work, and job seekers.

International Labor Conference

Agreement 190

Resolution on the elimination of violence and harassment in the workplace