El Salvador needs permanent prevention measures

Faced with the environmental impact of hurricanes, tropical storms and depressions, El Salvador needs permanent prevention measures.

Partly cloudy sky, moderate showers. photo VD: Anayansi Rivas.

By José Eduardo Cubías Colorado

Faced with climate change and the vulnerability of the Salvadoran territory, prevention and containment measures for these natural phenomena should become permanent during the rainy season, should no longer be considered as emergency measures, given the recurring sequence of these phenomena.

In that case, we would avoid the disaster situation and the loss of human life, in such a way that the Civil Protection Commission should be elevated to the category of its own institution for disaster management, as the term is today in many countries of the Central American and Caribbean region.

Photo: Courtesy of the Municipal Mayor of Santa Tecla, The Savior.

Everything under this control with executive powers,  "It is no longer the time of the National Emergency Committee, the remembered COEN,  that appeared after the storm with mitigation measures “put out fire” and that depended on volunteering, humanitarian aid from international organizations, the one from donations and friendly countries.

For Salvadorans it is no longer a matter of emergency, act immediately and establish strategic risk mitigation plans.

Although alert conditions must be maintained, little by little we have gained experience, especially the civilian population, even the most vulnerable areas are prepared to act in these emergencies, however they lack economic funds.