11 August, 2022
Salvadorans attended the march of the 15 September to show disagreement with the measures taken by the Bukele government. Photo: Courtesy.
By Yaneth Estrada

The Savior – It is 15 of September, with the cry of alert, more of 19 organizations, ONG’s, social movements, universities, Medicine School, judges, former magistrates and civil society marched against constitutional reforms, economic and arbitrary measures promoted by the president of El Salvador, n watch.

In the last few months, the president more “cool” of the world, dismissed all magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ), removed the Attorney General of the Republic, retired judges older than 60 years, extended his presidential term by one year, the imposed Chamber endorsed a second term, imposed Bitcoin as legal tender, in a “possible” economic experiment, which includes about 2 millions of money from public funds, ATMs, application and 30 gift voucher dollars for those who download the Wallet.

A group of people show messages in disagreement with the policies implemented by the government. Photo: Courtesy.

The former magistrate president of the CSJ, Bellarmine Jaime, commented that democracy in the country is in a delicate moment, bordering on the dictatorship. “At present, there are huge setbacks, there is no judicial independence and a country where this guarantee does not exist, can give way to anything”, so indicated.

For Jaime, it's peaceful march, emerged from the citizen movement, represents an alternative to serious actions against the rule of law, attack on democracy and human rights violations by the government of the day.