El Salvador launches a special edition of Christmas coffee “Christmas Blend”

In this edition there will be several varieties such as Pacamara and Bourbon. You can enjoy your coffee in more than 45 Country coffee shop (Photo courtesy MAG)

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The Savior – with this launch they are benefiting 72 farms of small and medium coffee producers, this is a strategy that seeks to recognize the work of a resilient sector.

This week the presentation of the special edition of Café de El Salvador was made: Christmas Blend and Salvadorans are invited to consume local produce.

In this edition there will be various varieties such as Pacamara and Bourbon and you can enjoy coffee in more than 45 "Coffee shop" of the country all these establishments joined through an open call made by the Salvadoran Coffee Council.

The Salvadoran Coffee Council , The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and the Salvadoran Coffee Institute will work in coordination to create this new strategy so that the bet is that all the coffee that is produced in El Salvador is transformed in the country and comes out as a brand to give it added value to the producer.

"Many say: Where is coffee from El Salvador?, Where is the mark?, Where can we buy good coffee?, I tell them that in the six mountain ranges we have fabulous coffee. I think we should promote this consumption of Salvadoran coffee ", said the Minister of Agriculture David Martínez.

"Salvadoran coffee is one of the best coffees in the world and the strategy for next year is not to sell only the bean for gold, but to transform coffee in El Salvador so that it comes out like this ", the official added.