El Salvador Invests $10 million to block communications in prisons

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

In yet another attempt to control gang action and organized crime, Salvadoran authorities said they will implement technological equipment to block communications in the country's prisons.

The Director of Prisons, Osiris Moon Meza, He said the government will receive a donation of $10 million to be used to install equipment to block cell phone signals.

The donation comes from the companies that control the cell phone market in the country. The batch of devices that will be installed in the prisons -said the Salavdoreño official- it will not affect the population living around the prisons.

This is not the first time that a Salvadoran government has tried to block the telecommunications signals of the prisons.

According to various investigations that came to trial in the United States and El Salvador, determined that several crimes committed by gang members in both countries, They were ordered from Salvadoran prisons by gang leaders.

Meanwhile, the superintendent of communications, Manuel Aguilar, said that “Penal Centers are being monitored like never before, and soon we will have technology implemented never seen in Central America ".

Since 2015, the Salvadoran government imposed a tax on voice calls made from cell phones in the country, that would be destined to the security plans, including the blocking of signals in the country's prisons.