The Savior: Flor García experienced economic and psychological violence prior to her disappearance

Photo: Courtesy.
For Recinos Kriscia

The prosecution formally presented the accusation against Flor García's husband, Joel valle, is the main suspect in her disappearance.

The Attorney General's Office (FGR) accused Joel Valle and his cousin before the Second Peace Court of Cojutepeque, Francisco Quezada, for the forced disappearance of Flor García, who did not return home since 16 March 2021. The case is reserved for the protection of the victim's children.

Joel valle, Flor's husband, He was detained while the process against him continues and, according to the Public Ministry, has sufficient evidence to accuse him as the main and direct author of his disappearance.. Francisco Quezada is accused of being an accomplice necessary for the crime to be committed.

In the last hours, the authorities revealed that Flor García experienced psychological and economic violence in her relationship with Valle, for which the detainee is also accused of expressions of violence against women.

Photo: FGR.

They report the disappearance

The 16 March this year, Joel Valle denounced the disappearance of his wife, she told her relatives that she had not returned to the house and did not know anything about her. Presumably, Flor left her home in Cojutepeque for San Salvador without taking her phone and traveled by public transport.

Flor's relatives led the search campaign and were not surprised by Valle's capture. The date of the hearing against the alleged perpetrator is pending to be assigned by the judicial authorities.

Photo: FGR.