The Savior: Stopped in time, nightmare of violence

Murder case

The Savior: Stopped in time, nightmare of violence

Murder scene in San Salvador. (Photo:courtesy)

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

At the end of the week, a humanitarian civil association expressed fears about the increase in violence in El Salvador, that in three days caused at least 45 dead, and sued the state as responsible for the terror crisis in which the country finds itself.

The association “LIVES, Plaintiffs victims ”asked the government of President Nayib Bukele, to listen to their demands for "truth, justice and comprehensive reparation ”for those who suffered before, during and after the armed conflict, separating the cause “from the political quarrels it maintains with those who consider its “internal enemies ".

To almost 30 years since the end of the civil war VIDAS said that the State has not responded to their demands “by making official the cover-up and impunity” and “that's why, we denounce nationally and internationally the Salvadoran State as responsible for the terror crisis in which we find ourselves ". The complaint is known in the midst of a wave of murders that alarmed the country and the worst so far in 2021, although the government assures that it has already been controlled.

For three days last week, Salvadorans lived in distress over the murders of at least 45 people and Bukele said through several tweets that those responsible were "ancient enemies" and that behind were "dark forces".

VIDAS pointed out in a statement the “fragility” of the population in the face of insecurity and violence in neighborhoods “where the popular majorities live, where they survive in permanent risk of being assassinated or disappeared by open or covert criminal structures ".

The civil war of 12 years caused at least 75,000 dead and the signing of peace in January 1992 brought hope, but the emergence of criminal structures - initially as youth gangs- generated anxiety and fear in the population, so some 3,0 millions emigrated since the decade of 1980 in search of a better future and their destination was mainly the United States from where they send remittances that have become the mainstay of the country's economy.

The humanitarian association alluded to the Minister of Security and Justice Gustavo Villatoro, who in public statements alluded to the case of the brothers Karen and Eduardo Guerrero who are missing and he linked them to gang groups and drugs "to justify those crimes."; and he recalled that the regimes of the past did the same thing "when the State accused the victims of communists.".

VIDAS demanded that Villatoro “report on transparent investigations, impartial and respectful of the dignity of the families of the victims of disappeared persons ". According to the Attorney General's Office (FGR) until September I had registered 936 missing.

"It does not change the story. We are stopped in time, suffering from a nightmare ", VIDAS said in a dramatic sentence about the reality of criminal violence in El Salvador.

Bukele published a tweet on Thursday in which he announced the control of the criminal offensive through the deployment of thousands of soldiers and police in mainly urban areas.. "After almost 24 hours after launching the #National Deployment, we can announce that we have contained the rise in violence in recent days. It hasn't been easy and it won't be easy from now on. We face ancient enemies, but with new allies and financing ".

In another tweet, he said that the authorities had made many arrests and seized large amounts of money, "There are many who want our country to return to the past. In fact, these 3 days of violence were the same as 3 normal days in previous governments ", said the president accused of promoting authoritarianism.