5 February, 2023

El Salvador decreed nationwide quarantine

Photo Ministry of Health, The Savior

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Although the authorities of the Government of El Salvador, They say they have not registered a single case of coronavirus in the country, President Najib Bukele, He decreed on Wednesday night at home quarantine, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Bukele told a news conference crazy, This measure responds to actions taken by the Salvadoran government to the crisis and the global pandemic declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) the outbreak covit-19.

the measure, It includes closing schools and study centers of the country 21 days. further, the ban on the arrival of people, non-residents in the country, including diplomats and any foreign.

according to Bukele, the country does not have the financial resources, or medical personnel to respond to a possible health crisis caused by the covit-19.

Central takes action

The arrival of the coronavirus came as a surprise to some Central American countries. In less than a week, Costa Rica confirms 13 cases and Wednesday night, Health authorities, they said that 179 people under observation.

Meanwhile, In Panama, the authorities of the country confirmed the first death caused by the covit-19. The number of people sick with the virus, up to nine.