El Salvador continues with moderate rains

Tropical storm leaves destruction of trees by strong winds. Photo: Courtesy.
By José Eduardo Cubías Colorado

San Salvador ended the day, without the environmental impact of “And” which remains a tropical depression; However, low intensity rains continue in the west and east of El Salvador.

However, the emergency measures of Civil Protection are maintained in high-risk areas and communities. The red alert continues in Bajo Lempa and in the Río Grande de San Miguel basins, east of the country, so also in the river Paz, and the Goascorán river, due to flooding and overflow that causes severe flooding.

This is how the panorama is lived in the Salvadoran capital. Photo: Courtesy.

In this places, shelters are ready to receive those affected by “And”. Meanwhile, hurricane force winds continue in the Salvadoran capital, who have felled trees and power lines, disrupting vehicle traffic.

Risk management and Civil Protection are working hard against the natural phenomenon, Likewise, quarantine and sanitary control measures are being taken to avoid the spread of COVID-19 that is still present in the environment.