Photo: Courtesy.
By Dennis Aguillón

The El Salvador team began its participation in the Gold Cup against its counterpart from Guatemala, the last guest due to the positive cases of Covid-19 from Curaçao and its exit from the competition.

The Toyota Stadium Texas was the scene where cuscatlecos and chapines faced arbitration by Jair Marrufo in the second game of group A, Mexico and Trinidad & Tobago the other two members of the group, they had done it a day before with a zero tie.

Those led by Hugo Pérez were total dominators of the meeting, they moved the ball from one place to another, or with deep balls, but without dynamism and few arrivals of danger to the rival goal.

For its part, Guatemala showed a little showy football, without scoring chances for Mario González's goal and with a scoreless draw, the first half of the game ended.

In the second half things did not change during the first minutes, both technicians began to move their pieces to be able to go up on the scoreboard.

Photo: Courtesy.

But nevertheless, for the chapines fatigue was their worst enemy, El Salvador took the opportunity to score the first goal at the minute 81, after a zapatazo from outside the area of ​​the newly entered Alex Roldán and gave the advantage to the Salvadoran team.

To the 90 minutes more 6 overtime Joaquín Rivas increased the account for the cuscatlecos by liquidating the game 2-0, in this way the Salvadoran team celebrated with a triumph suffered and managed to position themselves in the first place of the group.

The Savior 3 points
Mexico 1
Trinidad & Tobago 1
Guatemala 0