11 thousand US companies interested in employing Salvadorans

Photo VD / Courtesy: Ministry of Labor of El Salvador.
For Recinos Kriscia

Although the agreement has not yet been signed, Temporary employment opportunities in the United States would be open for Salvadorans, Rolando Castro said as, Labor Minister of the Central American country, Rolando Castro. The holder of that portfolio of state said that there is communication with the US government, which they have confirmed their interest that certified companies are willing to hire Salvadoran labor.

Castro traveled to the United States along with Vice President of the Republic, Felix Ulloa, to meet with potential employers and learn more about the subject. The public servant said that the application process will be via Internet on a site that has not yet been enabled. further, He explained what the requirements would be to apply for these jobs. The applicant does not have a criminal record and therefore must provide evidence of their police record. should not be related or gang ties. There should have remained illegally in the country and will have to demonstrate rootedness in El Salvador to ensure that it will not stay illegally in the United States.

Information will be disseminated through the Salvadoran government officials, which in turn he called on interested parties to not be deceived by those who come and help ensure their connections or, and the whole process will electronically.

The State Department US, It will be responsible for selecting the most appropriate.

It is expected that the agreement will be signed next month in Salvador when the new US ambassador arrives, Ronald Douglas Johnson.