The return home, could bring COVID-19

To present any symptoms, experts recommend staying home, get tested for COVID-19 and avoid social contact

Traffic flow on major roads in the United States, after Thanksgiving break. photo VD: Milagro Orellana.

By Maria T. Morales

The return of vacationers, after the long weekend, has put the health authorities on alert, who warn of more infections by the coronavirus.

Despite the call of the authorities, not to travel, about two million people traveled on Thanksgiving Day, according to a report from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) by acronym in English, from United States.

Ground transportation. photo VD: Milagro Orellana.

La TSA, announced the award of a contract for the installation of acrylic barriers and associated equipment to place them at security checkpoints in 37 priority airports nationwide.

The Administration maintains a permanent campaign in which, warns travelers about changes to checkpoints at airports.

Families returning to their homes. photo VD: Milagro Orellana.