The racism, behavior beyond skin color

Photo: EFE / EPA / Michele Tantussi.
By Paola Molina Noguera, Co-Founder of All with Voice

Although racism as an ideological doctrine is practically non-existent or lacks force, racist attitudes are more common than we think.

Reducing racism to skin color is practically trivializing your concept. The murder of more than 6 million Jews during WWII by the Nazis, is a clear example of how hatred and non-recognition of the other is imposed on religions, cultures, origins, Languages, etc, in this case the Aryan race was considered pure and superior.

Photo: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

In many countries, foreigners are discriminated against based on their origin, it is not the same to be a South American or Central American migrant in Mexico, than being a European migrant in the same territory. Thus, racism in these cases can be expressed as xenophobia or aporophobia, the latter, which is a rejection both by origin and by the social class of the foreigner.

There is no widespread awareness of the different types of racism, so that a person who feels rejection or indignation at the fact that it is intended to treat another as a slave, they are discriminated against because of their skin color or that racial issues are addressed as in the time of the conquest, is not exempt from manifesting racist practices in other contexts.

Photo: The Broken Chair.

UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency) typifies racism as follows: 

Aversive, used by people who are openly against racism. Attitudes are produced by distance from the other person, lack of empathy or showing coldness.

Ethnocentrist, is based on the cultural superiority of the group itself, so this assumes that other different groups pose a cultural threat, there is rejection of customs, beliefs, behaviors, religions or languages ​​of other ethnic groups.

Symbolic, advocates the right to be equal, but with nuances, causes cultural segregation between different groups, which in turn produces distancing between its members.

Biological, is the least tolerant; understands that one race is biologically superior to others, that threaten to degenerate the race that is considered main and even bet on physical segregation.

The murder of George Floyd has opened the discussion of the issue of racism again, not only for what his vile murder implies, but because it leaves open the racist attitudes that still prevail in our societies, where it is carried lightly to discriminate according to origin, sex, Economic possition, culture, language, In many cases, the promoter has not internalized that it falls into the category of "racist".

Paola Molina Noguera.