Jose jose, the “Prince of Song” He will live in the hearts of the world

The star on the Walk of Fame was granted the interpreter 2003. photo VD: Dinorah Hernandez.
By Dinorah Hernandez

The Angels, California. Thousands of fans sing his songs with a deep sadness at the death of one of the most iconic voices of the Latin American song: José Romulo Sosa Ortiz, known in the art world as José José, No “Prince of Song”.

His star on the Walk of Fame, in Hollywood Boulevard, It is being visited by many people, carrying bouquets and candles to give respect to his memory.

further, Artist's followers also show their mourning solemnly staying in the place where the star is singer.

In the place, fans photographed, because for them is valuable portray the star “Prince of Song”.

Miguel Lopez, Mexican native of Guerrero, fan of Jose Jose is declared, while explaining that decided to devote half an hour of their time to guard the place and pay tribute to their favorite singer.

While he is yielding honors the star singer, Lopez rang in his Móbil some of the most famous romantic melodies of José José.

Mexican cantente, He died on 28 last September, after losing the battle against cancer. His career greatly influenced Latin music.

Jose jose, He was launched to fame in 1970, at the World Festival of Latin Song (OTI), with masterful interpretation of the song written by Mexican Roberto Cantoral, The sad.

Mexican Miguel Lopez did not hesitate to visit Star “Prince of Song” and to call for more than hour and a half. photo VD: Dinorah Hernandez.