The world's first flying car was built in Slovakia

Photo: Courtesy.
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The developers hope that the model will be sold in different parts of the world and contribute to the emergence of a new transportation system..

A tour of 35 minutes and approximately 80 kilometers was the first long trip of the AirCar, the world's first flying car, developed by the company KleinVision. The flight was between the cities of Nitra and Bratislava, so the capacity of the ship was put to the test.

The car required approximately 3 minutes to, after landing, become a car with sporty characteristics. It has the ability to hide its tail and wings to circulate like a normal vehicle on the streets.

The first major tour was made by its inventor, Stefan Klein, that flew over the center of the city and allowed to appreciate the spectacular nature of the ship inspired by the James Bond films.

Photo: Courtesy.

The vehicle has made 142 landings and the creative company wants to innovate in a new category of personal transport. The AirCar has two seats, weighs just over a thousand kilos and can carry up to 200 kilos of cargo on each flight.

Reaches up to 200 kilometers per hour and rises almost 3 kilometers, but it consumes a lot of fuel, more of 18 liters per hour. For its invention the company invested little more than 2 million dollars and although it is not known how much it will cost, there are already more than 40 thousand orders from the United States.