16 August, 2022

The danger of underestimating fans

Images that went around the world, the 6J black for America's Democracy that left four people dead.
Photos: Voice of the Diaspora / Courtesy.
Maria T. Morales

The questions are many, and the answers may never be complete to the unfortunate episode of the invasion of the Capitol that left four fatalities.

The “6J” for its acronym in English, (January 6) translated into Spanish means 6 from January, will be forever engraved on millions of Americans and around the world by the unprecedented chapter of violence and arrogance with which supporters of Donald Trump stormed, president of the first world power.

I wonder, first: What went wrong in the Capitol building security system?, Didn't they take the president's threats seriously?, Did they underestimate the fans, despite his background?

And more, Why were no security measures taken, at least, 24 hours before the session?, Representatives and congressmen have already blamed Trump himself for the chaos.

But, to invoke amendment number 25 of the Constitution, that establishes the replacement of the president, either due to illness or other aspects, it will be the vice president who will assume power?, and if this happens, Trump, I would just get away with it, since he would be exempt from responsibilities in the event that he is declared mentally incapacitated, as has happened in many cases of gunmen who fired at close range.

So the panorama, it wouldn't be too far from the taking of the Capitol building just turning into a sad episode, that for a day, made us forget the COVID-19 pandemic.

It would not be far from him “6J” it becomes one more day that shows the world that any madman can buy, carrying and using firearms in the United States, without fear of facing the electric chair or lethal injection. In the end, madness saves them.

Unfortunately, we have witnessed massacres, attacks in schools, Iglesias, parks, shopping malls and nothing has changed.

The “6J” already spoke and the task is not so simple; learning the lesson will take a lot of courage.

Courage to accept that every day the democracy of the first world is no longer an example for the so-called third world.

Courage to face and stop complete lies and half-truths.

Courage to show the world that in the United States not all news is “fake news”. Y, lots of courage to build trust amid mistrust, order amid chaos, love instead of hate.

The lesson is ready, the task is not easy, the political class, society in general and leaders of all movements must begin to wake up before the nightmare becomes a reality.

“Guns are not the way to claim”, “violence doesn't pay”, “we are a shame to the world”, politicians in Washington have said. We just hope, as they say in my town “other than from tooth to lip”.

“Because here they have killed even presidents, and nothing has ever happened”.