The Republican Party distances itself from Donald Trump

Donald Trump warned of legal action. Source: Courtesy.
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Republicans are not happy with the legal actions announced by the president and candidate for re-election, Donald Trump and already expressed their disagreement.

The tycoon hinted that there was fraud in the presidential elections and that action was not well received by the leader of the Republican party in the Senate, Mich McConnell.

According to McConnel, this year there were more voters who participated early by mail and candidates must adapt to the new rules.

The parliamentarian recalled that in the United States there is no national electoral law, nor specialized justice, each state has its own laws and regulations.

"To say that one won the elections is one thing and another is to say that we must not finish the count", expressed McConnel.

Florida State Senator, Marco Rubio, He has also been dissatisfied with the representative of his party in the race and questioned Trump's statements.