Pope calls for a peaceful solution to Venezuela

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

In a speech during his visit to Hogar El Buen Samaritano, Juan Diaz, Panama, the Pope called for a peaceful solution to the conflict in Venezuela, advocating human rights and wishing the good of all the inhabitants of the country.

“Here in Panama, I've thought a lot about the Venezuelan people to whom I feel particularly united these days. Given the serious situation being experienced, I ask the Lord to look and a just and peaceful solution is achieved to overcome the crisis, respecting human rights and wishing only the good of all the inhabitants of the country. I invite you to pray this intercession putting under the protection of Our Lady of Coromoto, Patroness of Venezuela”, He said.

On the other hand, a little before, He expressed regret for the victims of the collapse of the dam in Minas giráis in Brazil, and the explosion in Hidalgo, Mexico.

further, His Holiness entrusted to victims of terrorist attack Sunday, in a Catholic church located in southern Philippines, where they killed at least a 20 people.

He also referred to the 21 victims of the attack on the police cadet school in Colombia, killed by "terrorist hatred", he pointed.

As a tribute, He named each of the victims and asked the audience to say "present" whenever he uttered the names of the deceased.