7 February, 2023

The norovirus or vomiting virus has the authorities of the United Kingdom in suspense

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Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Alarms went off for a norovirus outbreak, better known as the vomiting virus in the UK, the record of infections is three times higher than normal according to the Health authorities.

Public Health England (PHE) reported that in the last five weeks there were 154 cases of the vomiting virus, a fairly large increase compared to 53 cases reported during the same time period in five years.

The infections were registered mainly in nurseries, followed by people of different ages, the increase in cases causes concern and there are those who already call it pre-pandemic.

Contagions are due, according to some health professionals, that coronavirus restrictions were lifted and that allowed a rapid spread of norovirus.

The ways of contagion

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) point out that norovirus is contagious and its most common symptoms include vomiting, sickness, stomach pain and diarrhea, in addition to the fact that anyone can be infected, no matter the age.

Photo: Courtesy.

Patients may also have a fever, pain in the extremities, headache and in some cases inflammation in the stomach. Symptoms can occur between 12 Y 48 hours after contagion.