The world joins the protests against racism in the United States

Peaceful demonstration in Barcelona. photo VD: Meggie Rodríguez.
By Carmen Rodriguez, Washington DC

Protests against racism and police abuse over the death of George Floyd, at the hands of policemen this week they reached other cities around the world.

On Friday, expressions against abuse and racism were felt in Barcelona, where some people placed offerings and messages to show their solidarity with the American movements.

The thursday before, Pope Francis also condemned the fact that he described as “a sin of racism”.

further, London, Mexico, Germany and Toronto, Glen, joined the massive outcry against racism and crimes involving members of the local police.

In Washington, the protests are expected to continue into the weekend and one of the largest concentrations in recent days is expected for Saturday..

Protesters head toward downtown Washington DC.
Washington DC police block vehicular passage on one of the city's streets.