26 November, 2022

The best Christmas present: The hope

By Dra. Margarita Mendoza Burgos

New Year, new life. So the saying goes. And this time, more than ever, we want this nefarious 2020 how much he harassed us finished as soon as possible.

It is true that nothing will change as if by magic, and that tearing a page out of the calendar will not necessarily make us different or revitalize our sorrows. But nevertheless, some recent events allow us to dream of a 2021 different.

That, definitely, It is the best Christmas present we can have.. A more than well-founded dose of hope and with which we can close and optimistically endure the last days of what for almost all of us was “the worst year of our lives”.

On the one hand, the success of the different vaccines against COVID-19 (many with an effectiveness rate above 90%) is a reality and in some countries it is already being administered. It's, beyond the different distribution schemes that nations will implement, is the main reason to face the 2021 with a smile. The pandemic will probably take a long time to dissipate, but we will already have a proven method to counteract it.

Another great news came from the United States with the election of Joe Biden as the new president. This is something that not only matters to US citizens and Salvadoran migrants, but also directly impacts the rest of the world due to the influence it exerts. Biden's arrival, of 78 years, to the White House represents a lot. Apart from being quite old, what gives hope to those of us who have not yet achieved all our dreams is to see that it is still possible. Climate change will be taken into account by the United States, which is one of the most relevant countries both in the production of this problem as well as in trying to reverse it.

In addition to what Biden means and his ideas, having Kamala Harris as vice president is of enormous importance, as it highlights the role of women in politics. Never before had a woman reached that position in the entire history of the United States.. This empowers women, in addition to empowering the different races that exist not only in the United States but in the rest of the world, since Kamala - born to a Tamil Indian mother and a Jamaican father- personifies racial and cultural diversity like no other.

Definitely, the landing of the Biden-Harris duo will make the United States a more united country and that will inexorably be reflected, like a domino effect, in the rest of the world. The best Christmas present is a 2021 hopeful, the year in which we return to normality and that we will begin to enjoy some small things that the pandemic and its restrictions helped us to value.