The young man who was paroled after confessing his testimony to the Pope

Photo: JMJ Panamá.
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The World Youth Day presided by Pope Francisco, He changed the lives of Luis Oscar Martinez, a young man 21 years, held at the Juvenile Detention Center in Las Garzas de Pacora, In Panama. This young man received probation after giving his testimony to the Supreme Pontiff.

The detainee showed his repentance, after committing in 2016, a crime that caused profound damage to a loved one and himself. This led him away from his studies and his family.

"It was very hard to live with other persons deprived of liberty, but it is transferred to the Compliance Center Pacora, meditating one night something told me that everything is not over because my purpose is large. At that moment, I realized that my Father God was with me, and if I am talking to you now it is by grace and love from God, my beloved Christ ", He told the Pope.

He said he accepted God in his heart, and that his goal is to become an international and specialized refrigeration technician chef. "I hope to give that joy to my mother and reunite with lost family", he pointed.

He also argued that feels grateful, because God put people on their way to help you finish high school and make that change in your life craved.

This young man is part of a group of 7 prisoners who received the news that would be granted them an injunction, other than preventive detention, being paroled after the Pope's visit to the Detention Center for children.

Panama's prison system said the decision was taken for good behavior, and because they had paid two-thirds of his sentence, allowing law empowered to adopt such measures.

During his visit to the Detention Center Juvenile Las Garzas, Pope questioned those who say they do not believe in repentance or provide new opportunities.

"A society is sick when it is not able to celebrate the transformation of their children, a community you get sick when you live in the overwhelming backbiting, conviction and insensitive. A partnership is fruitful when it manages to generate dynamic capable of inlcuir and integrate, to take charge and fight to create opportunities and alternatives that provide new opportunities for their children, when they engage in creating future community, education and work. And while you may experience impotence of not knowing how, does not give up and try again ", said His Holiness.

At the same time he stated that "…we must all help to learn, community, find these roads. Is an alliance we have to encourage us to make: your, Boys, those responsible for the custody and the authorities of the Center and the Ministry, and their families, and agents Ministry. Everyone, fight to find and seek the ways of insertion and transformation. That the Lord blesses, supports and accompanies ", said the Pope.