The governor of California asked the population to reduce water consumption by 15% due to drought

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United States - The Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, asked state residents to voluntarily reduce their water consumption, at least in a 15%, compared to last year, taking into account the drought conditions that affect the region and that are worsening in the west of the territory.

The governor extended his state of emergency due to regional drought to apply to 50 California counties, approximately 42% of the entity's population:

“We are hopeful that people will adopt that mindset that they applied during the last drought and extend it with a voluntary reduction of the 15%, not only in residences, but also in commercial and industrial operations ".

California's incumbent refrained from issuing a state-wide state of emergency or imposing restrictions on water use. He asked that people take individual action using common sense, how to water the lawn less, fix water leaks and take shorter showers.

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The official rejected the need for more drastic action, noting that water resources vary in different parts of the state and that not all 58 counties are in an emergency situation. The regional emergency order provides a way for the State Water Resources Control Board to impose water restrictions that generally cause rejection..

The declaration makes it easier for counties to coordinate their water supply with state authorities and reduces some environmental regulations.. Meanwhile, The state water board issued restriction notices to owners of water rights in the Russian River Basin earlier this month, warning them about the low availability of the liquid in the Scott River Basin..