6 February, 2023

Salvadoran fugitive “most wanted” is expelled from the US. THE

Jose Alexander Mejia Rivas, of 35 anos was expelled and handed over to the Salvadoran authorities to face justice for Aggravated Homicide. (Photo: courtesy of ICE).
By Maria T. Morales

U.S – for almost eight years, Salvadoran José Alexander Mejía Rivas, of 35 years, evaded justice by migrating to the United States in 2014, after committing an aggravated homicide for which he was on the list of the "most wanted" in El Salvador.

According to the official report, the 6 July 2014, Border Patrol arrested Mejía-Rivas for illegally entering the United States, near Otay Mesa, California.

The 28 August 2015, an immigration judge ordered the removal of Mejía Rivas to El Salvador.

But 25 September of the same year, Mejía-Rivas filed an appeal with the Board of Immigration Appeals; which was dismissed in April 2016.

Finally, last 2 of March, Los Angeles office agents, California, They arrested the subject in Sun Valley., California.

"This individual entered the United States illegally and was living in the United States despite being wanted in connection with a murder in his home country.", said the interim director of the Los Angeles office, Ernesto M. Santacruz, Jr.