3 December, 2022
The current society wrapped in frivolity and under the emotional burden of social networks. Photo: Courtesy.
By Guillermo Mejía

World – The film Don't look up (Don´t Look Up) with the stars Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio y Meryl Streep, among others, directed by Adam MacKay is a tweak to what happens in today's society, wrapped in frivolity, misgoverned by politicians, reviewed by means of (in)communication that dream of inflating audiences and under the emotional burden of social networks.

The script can be hooked on the coronavirus pandemic that plagues us for just over two years, But this Netflix proposal is based on the threat of a comet that will destroy the planet when it collides with everything in a near time.

To the gringo president "trumpiana" (Streep) worth a straw when scientists warn (Lawrense and DiCaprio), but something has to be done.

Given the seriousness of the matter, turn towards the means of (in)communication, in this case represented by a talk show that is usually what we are used to seeing in our societies, where what matters about protagonists or spotlights is that they drag audiences. On the tape, It is left over if tomorrow the comet falls and it happens like with dinosaurs.

It remains to see the interaction of social networks amid the controversy, given the expressions of despair and frustration of the experts who want the threat to be taken seriously. In the networks, the "discussion" focuses on the personality of the scientists with the discharge of emotional expressions, attacks, teasing, memes, a fine, what unfortunately we also see in reality.

The fuck is still in society, not even politicians in office care, nor to most people hooked on the cell phone. Much less serves to pay attention through media platforms, whose central concern is to see the way in which the audience grows with the incorporation of topics that become viral in the network of networks.

“Adam McKay has built a movie that serves his purpose. His version of the end of the world is not just 'scientific' (there are calculations, telescopes and rockets), but also moral (politicians who deceive and people willing to die for those lies ", reviewed by the Peruvian newspaper El Comercio.

"We are facing a remarkable satire of a hyper-connected society, but at the same time empty. A fantastic opportunity to –between hashtags, memes and absurdities challenges– see ourselves reflected without having the extra pressure of knowing the time in which it will really come “a comet” and it will end all this ", he added.

It coincides with the end of a year in which the central concern of the current government has been to justify its controversial political actions with what is meant by formal democracy and the rule of law., in head-on clashes with some sectors of society that have also seen how, despite the mistakes, the endorsement of a high percentage of the conglomerate is maintained.

Y, as if it were not enough, of People's China tell us that relations with the government have risen and are deepening, while the gringos make their maneuvers to destabilize the regime.

At the close of 2021, We found from the presidential house the waste of tweets that announced as correct the decision to have adopted the cryptocurrency Bitcóin as legal tender, on par with the dollar, The only country in the world that has made such a decision and that is sold as a challenge towards the society of the future.

But they can't get under the rug, as some would like, the images of the tragedy of the Guerrero brothers, missing for months and then found their bodies without being certain of their executioners, although - it hurts to say- It seems that we have become badly accustomed to that kind of "abnormal normality" of crimes and disappearances, as with the threat of the comet that will collide with the earth in the film Don't look up (Don´t Look Up).

Netflix is ​​based on the threat of a comet that will destroy the planet when it collides with everything in a near time. Photo: Courtesy.