The phenomenon called astonishment

Lauri García Dueñas by

The theater faces us with the human condition and shows us what happens in the depths of a society. This premise is embodied by the Salvadoran company Teatro bewilderment integrated by Salvadoran Alicia Chong, Egly Larreynaga and Paola Pamela Miranda and Spanish Palenciano Jodar.

In this July, I could take an overdose of his works because I could repeat "the loneliest" in the auditorium of FEPADE on Thursday 4; witness the necessary monologue "Not only hurt the hits" La Casa Tomada Friday 12 and stay impassive face "phenomenon" in the Luis Poma Theater on Thursday 18.

The theater in El Salvador is boiling time thanks to the work of dozens of actresses, actors, playwrights, directors, directors, technical, managers and promoters; there are companies with 25 year career as TNT, the same astonishment and eighth birthday and many more artists are contributing to the level of this artistic expression truly attractive to the Salvadoran public.

"The most alone"

"The most alone" had a melancholy and intensity halo as Pamela Palenciano Jodar returned home a few days and joined the original cast who had been reinforced by Ana Ruth Aragon (lovely and precise in her role as a nun), integrating into a work that was one of the first of this group, so too, its director Luis Felpeto will be traveling to Spain soon and saying goodbye to the national scene for a while.

This staging account the lives of Brain, choreia, Victor Levy, four inmates of the prison ward of the psychiatric hospital, and it is based on the chronicle of journalist Carlos Martínez "The cavern of choreja", published in 2012.

Choreja is a man who in a drunken stupor lost a piece of his ear and head and killed his compadre. Brain is a man tormented by guilt and images of war. Victor, a parricide whose leg and body are decomposed to carry death and Levy, a criminal who tries to draw attention as a child. But while these four characters and these four actresses have terrible stories and individuals specific subjects, also they tell, by the body and voice, the history of a country dismembered by violence, pain and injustice. The scene impressed me most is that the actresses recreate at full speed and neurotic obsessive compulsive disorders inmates and nocturnal solitude of each in his cot.

"Not only painful blows"

It is a monologue Palenciano Pamela has also become in the book written by her and Salvadoran writer Ivan Larreynaga, "If love does not hurt", which it is published by the Spanish publishing house Alfaguara and already has seven editions. The work was performed in front of hundreds of people and, for its strong content of complaint against machismo, actress and her work have suffered harassment and persecution in Spain.

One of the things that impressed me most about this piece was the telluric impact on the public, especially us women, who we feel understood, accompanied and confronted, but I could see how an elderly gentleman could not rise from his seat and print your child trying to help you recover.

And it is that one can happen a lot with this monologue, but no one can get away. This is the story of eight years of psychological and physical violence against a young woman but, especially, of the complaint to an economic system and roles and stereotypes accomplices, where gender violence becomes a web, but where there are also clear and victims privilege and power and aggression of men.

All this mood plagued, emotionality and speed that makes you understand what we were pit maybe wanting to obliterate. In the end, no moralism, because it is clear that the victim, thanks to pain, You can also reproduce the same behavior that damaged. It is difficult to take off his jacket violence.

"The phenomenon"

I was time to stay in one piece. I had to leave smoking and that almost no smoke. Alicia Chong, Egly Larreynaga and Paola Miranda, by a rabid incisive satire, They slid back the veil two presidential candidates, and one deputy, who are only interested in power and denounce a shed of advisers in communication using perversity and stupidity as his leitmotiv.

Dramaturgy is the same Luis Felpeto, Cristian Martinez and Carlos Villalta, with the special presentation of the musician Fernando Gonzalez Vides and collaboration of Maria Elisa Parker.

The work is audiovisual production and high quality work and precision, it takes irony to its maximum voltage. Highlight the intensity and body plasticity of the actresses, and "The most alone", admitted to the public in history and move from character to character with a fluidity own years in office.

One laughs, what frightens and torments that can be raw reality in this country. The scene I had to recover for days was the initial, in which three gang members destroy a woman in the shadows.

Perhaps, precisely this scene, I still question whether this testimonial theater fits advocating violence or need to carry to the end the interpretation of the reality of the country. As I think about it, I can only recommend the work of this company and continue to hold that the Salvadoran theater has a high quality flights.