The Salvadoran State is accused of spying on journalists and political opponents

The accusations would have been confirmed this week with a warning that came from the Apple company, The president of El Salvador Nayib Bukele has not yet commented on the matter. Photo: Courtesy.

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The Savior – The intervention of the communication to journalists by the Government of El Salvador had already been warned by several media; but nevertheless, this would have been confirmed this week with a warning that came from the Apple company.

Journalists from El Faro, Closed Gato Magazine, Today's Diary, The printing press, El Mundo and Disruptiva newspaper, in addition to some non-governmental organizations and opposition politicians, even the same government party received a security notice from the company for various attempts to access their personal information.

Apple warned about the possibility that a state-sponsored attacker, remotely access your confidential data, your communications, your cameras and even your mobile phone's microphone.

At least a score of Salvadoran journalists denounced on their social networks and through the Association of Journalists of El Salvador (APES), this concern, they are mostly communicators critical of the government of President Nayib Bukele.

"They do it to get sensitive information with which they can blackmail, discredit, intimidate, "the journalist Mariana Belloso told a local print media.

For his part, Serafín Valencia, APES leader says that "they regret this espionage activity on the part of the State and at the same time we condemn it".

Cell phones 24 journalists from El Salvador have been hacked with Pegasus software, as advised by the IAPA (Inter-American Press Association), worried about what is happening in the Central American country.

"The Government of El Salvador, you should investigate whether any of your agencies are sponsoring illegal espionage activities against your citizens and critics, what is adequately punished by Salvadoran law ", the president of the IAPA warned, Jorge Canahuati.

It's not the first time

A study from the University of Toronto, Glen, I reveal in December 2020 A list of 25 countries whose governments do or have made telephone spying on their citizens through the mobile network and using software from an Israeli company called Circles. Among these is El Salvador.

That connection was determined through 252 IP addresses and thereby claim to have identified 25 governments likely to be customers of Circles. It also says that they identified 25 specific government branches.

In June of this year, the Minister of Justice and Security Gustavo Villatoro, revealed that he is "following up on many journalists" and they are being investigated for the "intention to generate apology".

"Everything has its limit, and yes we are following up on many journalists who are no longer doing that morbid communication, but with a clear intention of generating apology ", said in the YSKL interview.

The official said that there is "irresponsible handling" of the information and therefore journalists are being "constantly monitored".

Video statements Minister Gustavo Villatoro