The social media dilemma

By Hector Murcia

Early september, Netflix released a self-produced documentary about the little-known reality of social media.

This documentary would go unnoticed if it weren't for the fact that those who expose this dark reality are people who have been part as founders or creators of large social media platforms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter o Instagram.

This documentary that at times adopts apocalyptic nuances, tries to make us reflect on how much social media influences our daily lives, in our "real life" and especially the stress and depression that it causes in adolescents.

And this is where the <<social media dilemma>> makes more emphasis, on how "virtual reality" can, today, easily move into life itself. How people with dark interests make, for example, fake news cause confrontations of all kinds in society. How the governments of different countries use these social networks to generate chaos, In the first moment, and become saviors of their society, in the second but main instance.

This documentary itself, tries to make us reflect on how dependent we are on social networks to feel accepted in our environment or if on the contrary, we can lead a "normal life", making responsible use of these platforms.

If you are subscribed to this streaming platform, feel free to spend an hour and a half to learn a little more about the threads that move the great social media industry.