The difficult way to get the COVID-19 test

Daily, since 5:00 a.m. there are hundreds of people lining up in their car, looking for a COVID-19 test. photo VD: Maria T. Morales.
By Maria T. Morales

Houston, Texas. Every day, it becomes more difficult to get a test to detect COVID-19 in Texas due to the increased demand for these, due to the increase in cases of contagion in the region.

Juana M. of 63 years, had to wait almost three hours on the phone to get an appointment at a COVID-19 testing center, in humble town, al norte of houston.

She, as well as her husband were contacted by their employer to undergo the test, after they were exposed to a co-worker who had been infected days before.

After a week, upon receiving the results, with a breath of relief, express: "Thank God we have been negative, we are healthy ".

During the last two weeks of June, Texas has seen a monumental increase in contagion cases, so many companies force their employees to undergo the test at the slightest suspicion of symptoms related to the pandemic.

By law, the employee, suspected of carrying the virus, you should leave work and immediately find a test center to undergo this.

Hopefully, in many cases, some COVID-19 testing centers will send results in the next few months 24 hours after the test; on the contrary, other, It will take three to five business days to extend it.

Meanwhile, this week it became known that some employers are not paying the time that the employee is absent from work while waiting for the test results.

Likewise, to be infected, neither does the employer pay the 14 quarantine days, further affecting the fragile home economy, per se, bankrupt by the effects of the pandemic on a global scale.

The United States Department of Labor, provides information in Spanish on how to file a complaint for violation of labor rights related to the new provisions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although the offices are still closed, the website, In the case of Texas, it is where you can consult any questions about your rights.

Tips to get tested for COVID-19

  1. Go to the internet, and use the zip code of your home searching as "COVID-19 testing centers".
  2. There you will find the places closest to your home. If the site offers a phone number, call to make the appointment, because otherwise they will not attend you.
  3. If you don't have internet access, go to the nearest clinic or hospital; there they will give you information about these test centers.
  4. In some places, trials are free, in others the price ranges between $55.00 Y $150.00.
  5. If you have health insurance, You must submit it for the respective payment claim.
  6. Waiting despairs, Thus, it is better to get up early. If attention begins, for example, to 9:00 a.m. it is best if you arrive three or two hours in advance.
  7. You must wear a mask, otherwise the health personnel may refuse to give you the test.