The crime seen from the corner of the eye: Incest

Ilustrative Photo: Pixabay.
By Dra. Margarita Mendoza Burgos

Incest is a much more common crime than you think. Submitting to a sexual relationship - or even abuse- it occurs with alarming frequency to people from our own family circle and in all kinds of social strata.

In many cultures it has been considered that relatives, especially the children, they are part of our heritage. Therefore they can be "used” as if it were a possession. Among the typologies we can observe that some are of power, others on sexual law, of possession, others of pseudo-couples or even of looking in the children of the family nucleus what they think they do not get from their partners.

It is also favored by living in very small spaces, by overcrowding and, especially, for lack of culture and respect for the most vulnerable human beings.

In United States, every minute a woman is raped, Feminist bodies estimate that one in four girls in the 0-12 years he has been a victim of incest.

In Mexico, 7 decade 10 sexual assaults are committed by acquaintances, the 35% of them by relatives. Figures that scare.

The provider, who used to be the man, he was seen as some kind of god, of powerful and irrefutable to which everything was allowed. Something has started to change.

Coincide, also, with which women have entered the economy and to begin to see for their rights that this authoritarian role has been questioned. In countries like China, Japan and Russia, to cite three examples, incestuous relationships are not penalized but civil marriage has restrictions.

There are many women who place a lot of value on a partner, even if they are the ones who keep it. Exists, even, a form of incest that consists of offering our daughters to the landlord patron and it is justified that the first must be the father who offers it.

It is not so easy to detect a case of incest in the family. There are pacts of silences preserved by those who believe that it is a provider's right, even those who remain silent out of shame and fear..

On the other hand, the authority does not give many exits, since in the best of cases they will isolate the victim from the environment, but only to fall into foster care or hospices where there are no good conditions.

All this, obviously tends to condition family harmony. But only sometimes.

In others, the fact does not influence at all, since the members throw a veil of darkness on the matter and it is as if nothing happened. That is to say, no one talks about him, therefore it does not exist.

That's why it's harder for the victims. Incest can happen between siblings, cousins ​​or any family member who takes advantage of a situation of helplessness of their victims.

Sometimes, in the name of family harmony is that the victim is silenced, that is even left with a strange sense of guilt.

The consequences for the abused are varied and complex: Much sadness, low self-esteem, culpability, depression, sleep problems and regressions to earlier stages, like re-wetting the bed or sucking your thumb. They also tend to injure themselves, even going so far as to express the desire not to live and try to kill oneself.

Even if it is a relationship with a stepfather or if the victim is an adopted child, although it cannot be described as incest, the situation is equally reprehensible. They may not carry the same blood, but the lack is not less serious for that reason. The family circle, that core that should be protecting you, it is the breeding ground of vexations.

There are many couples who prefer to become "those with the easy eye" so as not to lose the predator by preferring them over their own children.. In the country there have already been cases of girls who have been thrown out of their home by their mothers because their stepfather has abused them, and even pregnant, claiming that they have engaged in provocative behaviors impossible to resist by predators

Incest is a crime and must stop, although for that a lot of courage is needed. There are victims, there are victimizers, but also accomplices.