6 October, 2022

Blue and white dressed South Los Angeles

Thousands of Salvadorans gathered this weekend to celebrate Salvadoran Day in Los Angeles, California. Photo:CEO.

By Milagro Orellana

USA. A blue and white carpet dressed this weekend on Venice Blvd in South Los Angeles, California, one of the most visited and popular boulevards in the city where thousands of families commemorated the "Day of the Salvadoran".

Expats also celebrated the “Divino Salvador del Mundo” festivities in honor of the patron saint of El Salvador, which are the most important religious celebrations in the Central American country every 6 of August, which are welcomed by Salvadoran communities around the world who left their homeland in search of new opportunities.

Photo: CEO.

The activity was carried out by the Community Unit of El Salvador (UNICOMDES-USA), that organizes the activity in Los Angeles from 1999, where for the first time the traditional descent of the Divine Savior of the World.

The initiative arose from a group of Catholic parishioners who gathered at the Preciosa Sangre church, located south of the city of angelina, and they decided to bring Salvadoran migrants a little piece of the long-awaited traditions of their Cuzcatleca land.

Photo: CEO.

"This has been going on for 24 years of a group of Salvadorans with the idea of ​​bringing our roots, our customs", said Martyr Benitez Espinal, vice president and director of religious affairs (UNICOMDES-USA).

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Participating in this party is for me a satisfaction in the soul since I feel identified as having never left El Salvador because one misses his place of origin., I am also happy to volunteer and help the community through community organizations”, added Doris Diaz.

In Diaz's opinion, a Salvadoran native of the western department of Santa Ana, who arrived in the city of Los Angeles ago 31 years, the party represents an opportunity to get closer to their roots, and allows you to share with other compatriots living in the North American country.

Photo: CEO.

While, Through tears Mirna Lizbeth Brizuela described her joy at sharing with hundreds of her compatriots who attended the festivity, the peak moment was when they were able to sing the iconic melody "Mi País" by singer-songwriter Alvaro Torres, which has become a second anthem for Salvadorans abroad.

Brizuela, a medical doctor graduated from the University of El Salvador originally from Aguilares north of San Salvador, She said that seven months after emigrating to the city of Los Angeles, it is difficult to bear the pain and nostalgia for leaving the land where she was born due to the current context in which the country is experiencing..

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Meanwhile, Salvadoran Mirna Lizbeth Brizuela said that it was “an immense joy to see so many compatriots wearing the colors of our flag, knowing that they just like me, experience the same nostalgia, but at the same time joy of feeling our Salvadoran blood and love, listening and dancing to our music, and mainly when I could sing at the top of my lungs:

"My country, my country, how beautiful is my country….” I felt a joy, overflowing nostalgia, the pain in my heart for missing everything we left in El Salvador”, express.

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The meeting also included the participation of the deputy for Nuevas Ideas, in government, William Soriano who was not allowed to go up to the stage to greet the attendees.

Deputy William Soriano greeting and taking pictures with the Salvadoran diaspora residing in Los Angeles, California. Video:CEO.

"The Day of the Salvadoran, it's not a political rally, it's not an idiom party, It is a festival of the day of the Savior of the World”, explained Martyr Benitez Espinal, vice president of (UNICOMDES-USA).

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The Salvadoran Day festivity is one of the largest activities that gives life to the culture and at the same time has put the customs and traditions of the community in the public arena of the North American nation., an activity that is carried out in parallel in other states, including New York, y Washington DC.

The United States declared the 6 August as the "Day of the Salvadoran" to recognize the economic contribution, social and political of millions of compatriots to the US economy through a resolution issued by the Federal Congress in 2016.

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The organizers expressed their satisfaction with the participation of the people and the support of other Latin American nationalities., in turn, they lamented the lack of support and a message to the Salvadoran community from the government of El Salvador.

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